Wednesday, 19 November 2014

PIM Testing 1993

Inter-modulation Test On Triplexors

Triplexor can take an  RF Inputs, and route the RF through itself, via bouncing of angled copper, therefore the signal can bounce in a unique way, to suppress any echo or bonging noises, which could come out on a call on the mobile.

D.U.T = Device under Test

D.U.T is triplexor, remember to crank up watts to check, as you will have a better test.
Make sure any exposed RF paths are Dummy loaded or blocked off.
Now when Testing them, you have to check every single screw, as a lose screw on a Angled bit of copper, is a RF leak straight away.

Also you have to tap the Triplexor to cause the Bong effect, also the Tap response will let you know if any thing is lose, or not working correctly.

1993 This test method was around, but now Re - Invented as PIM Testings.For 2k times.

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